The Smart ADHD Podcast

Ian Anderson Gray

What's it all About?

The Smart ADHD Podcast is a podcast for smart creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners who are navigating life with ADHD. It’s all about celebrating our unique brilliance, whether we’re intelligent, exceptionally talented, or both. I interview experts to uncover the real story of ADHD for smart creatives. We bust myths and discover effective strategies to improve our lives, unleash our creativity, and grow.

I’m not an ADHD expert, but as your host, I’m eager to share my journey and what I've learned by talking with experts. This podcast is a safe space for growth and learning, focusing on the positives while being honest about the challenges. We're all about a holistic approach to ADHD, aiming to make this journey as real and positive as possible. Let's tackle this together, seeing our challenges as chances to grow.

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