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Episode 6

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May 9, 2024

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Have you ever wondered how ADHD and autism can shape the life and career of an entrepreneur? Are you curious about the tools and strategies that can help manage these conditions effectively? What does it truly mean to embrace neurodiversity not just in life, but also in the professional world? Dive into these questions and more in this enlightening episode of the Smart ADHD Podcast.

In today's episode, I sit down with the incredible Libby Langley, a coach, author, and podcast host who has been profoundly influential in the business world, particularly among entrepreneurs grappling with ADHD and autism. Libby shares her personal journey of late diagnosis and how it reshaped her understanding of herself and her business approach. We delve into the challenges and advantages of being neurodiverse, exploring everything from emotional sensitivities to unique entrepreneurial strengths.

In this episode

[0:00] Welcome to the Smart ADHD Podcast
[1:05] Libby Langley’s ADHD and Autism Journey
[5:58] Early Encounters with ADHD and Autism
[14:19] Navigating Life, Love, and Business with Neurodiversity
[21:18] Impact of Diagnosis on Personal and Professional Life
[30:08] Embracing Neurodiversity: From Challenges to Superpowers
[38:13] Navigating Stigma and Misconceptions Around Neurodiversity
[40:02] Personal Journey: Embracing Neurodiversity and Overcoming Challenges
[41:39] The Impact of Sharing and Community Support
[48:42] Exploring Creativity and Entrepreneurship with ADHD and Autism
[52:05] Strategies and Tools for Managing ADHD and Autism
[58:41] Holistic Approaches and Therapies for ADHD and Autism
[1:07] Encouragement and Advice for Others on the Neurodiverse Spectrum


Join us as we explore these insights, shedding light on the empowering stories of those living a Smart ADHD life. Don’t forget to reach out, find your tribe, and take a step towards understanding and embracing your unique traits and talents.


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About Libby Langley

Libby Langley has been coaching business owners since 2011, in her unique no-BS style. She’s supported over 6,000 entrepreneurs, giving them the confidence to grow, and – above all – be truly happy in their life and business.

She is an Amazon bestselling author, and the popular podcast host of Life In Business.


[0:00] Ian: Hello, I'm Ian Anderson Gray, and this is the smart ADHD podcast.

[0:14] Now if you're a smart, creative entrepreneur or business owner navigating your life with ADHD, This is the podcast for you. Now, I'm no ADHD expert, but I'm eager to share my story on what I've learned by talking with experts, as well as digging into the personal ADHD stories of successful creatives and entrepreneurs.

[0:37] I was diagnosed at age 46, and it answered so many questions in my life. But of course, that was in many ways, only the start of my journey. So let's learn together. Smart stories, smart strategies, smart ADHD.

Ian Anderson Gray

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