Smart ADHD Stories: Kerry Jordan

By Ian Anderson Gray with Kerry Jordan

Smart ADHD Podcast

Episode 2

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March 28, 2024

Episode 2 Smart ADHD Stories

Are you keen to uncover how ADHD influences creativity and entrepreneurship?

Curious about transforming ADHD challenges into powerful assets for personal and professional success?

Ever wonder how individuals with ADHD navigate their unique journeys towards discovering their passion and purpose?

In this episode, we're diving deep into the heart of creativity and ADHD with the fantastic Kerry Jordan, a master of pet photography and an inspiring entrepreneur navigating the vibrant world of creativity with ADHD.

Kerry has turned her ADHD challenges into stepping stones for success. Kerry’s journey from battling undiagnosed ADHD to mastering the art of pet photography is nothing short of inspiring. We talk about everything from the rough paths of early education and professional life to the bright moments of discovering her passion and purpose. Kerry sheds light on how ADHD influenced her personal and professional relationships and how she turned those ADHD traits into her greatest assets.

Join us as we explore Kerry’s story of transformation, creativity, and self-realization. It’s a tale of emotional ups and downs, relationship dynamics, and finding one’s true calling amidst the noise. Plus, Kerry shares some practical tips and strategies that have helped her manage ADHD and thrive. This episode is a treasure trove of insights, experiences, and encouragement for anyone looking to embrace their unique strengths and navigate the waters of ADHD with confidence.

Episode Highlights:

  • [0:00] Welcome to the Smart ADHD Podcast: Episode Two
  • [2:39] Meet Kerry Jordan: A Story of ADHD and Discovery
  • [5:12] The Turning Point: Kerry’s ADHD Revelation
  • [13:07] Growing Up Different: Kerry’s Early Years with ADHD
  • [20:06] The Emotional Rollercoaster and Finding Oneself
  • [25:58] ADHD’s Ripple Effect on Relationships and Coping Mechanisms
  • [38:48] Friendships Through the ADHD Lens
  • [42:14] A Journey of Responsibility, Discovery, and Growth
  • [43:10] Overcoming Career Hurdles and Unleashing Personal Strengths
  • [45:25] A Financial Upturn and Career Evolution
  • [51:39] The Leap into Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • [59:02] Embracing Photography: Kerry’s True Passion
  • [69:15] Deep Dive into Relationships and Self-Awareness
  • [74:48] Looking Ahead: Leveraging ADHD Superpowers for the Future

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About Kerry Jordan

Kerry is a professional photographer, helping petrepreneurs engage their ideal audience by creating stunning commercial photography & content.


[0:00] Ian: Welcome to episode two of the Smart ADHD podcast. I'm Ian Anderson Gray, and this is the first Smart ADHD stories episode. And I was honoured to be joined by the amazing Kerry Jordan. Now, since you're listening or watching to episode two, I'm going to assume you're pretty new to the Smart ADHD podcast. And so I wanted to Kind of let you know the plan or what the plan is.

[0:26] Most episodes in this podcast are going to be short 20 to 25 minute episodes. And I'll be joined by an ADHD expert in those. And as I keep on saying, I am no ADHD expert, but I'll be joined by experts to help bust myths, help us understand how ADHD works. and to give us smart strategies on how to counteract our ADHD traits.

[0:47] Sometimes I'll be sharing what I've learned along the way too. But, interspersed between these shorter episodes, my plan is to invite smart creatives, entrepreneurs, or business owners to who have been navigating their lives with ADHD and allow them to tell their stories. They'll be sharing how ADHD has shaped and affected their lives, with its challenges and excitements and the ups and the downs.

Ian Anderson Gray

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