Smart and ADHD: Navigating the World of the Twice Exceptional

By Ian Anderson Gray with Tamara Rosier

Smart ADHD Podcast

Episode 7

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May 16, 2024

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Have you ever wondered what it means to be 'twice exceptional'?
Curious about the unique challenges and strengths of individuals who are both gifted and have ADHD?
What strategies can help harness the potential of being smart with ADHD?

In this episode of the Smart ADHD Podcast, we delve into these compelling questions and more. Join me as I chat with the brilliant Dr. Tamara Rosier, an expert in the field of ADHD and twice-exceptionality. Together, we explore the intricate world of being both gifted and having a learning disability, uncovering the nuanced challenges and incredible strengths that come with it.

In this episode:

[0:00] – Welcome to the Smart ADHD Podcast
[1:06] – Exploring the World of the Twice Exceptional
[1:55] – Understanding Twice Exceptional: Intelligence and ADHD
[4:22] – The Challenges of Being Smart with ADHD
[6:51] – Navigating Self-Perception and Acceptance
[13:55] – The Writing Process for Those with ADHD
[15:56] – Overcoming Overwhelm and Burnout
[20:42] – Embracing the Positives of Being Twice Exceptional
[25:52] – The Power of Curiosity in ADHD
[27:28] – Wrapping Up and Future Topics

Understanding Twice Exceptional: Intelligence and ADHD

One of the most captivating aspects of being twice exceptional is the juxtaposition of high intelligence with a learning disability like ADHD. Tamara explains that twice-exceptional individuals often develop compensatory strategies to mask their challenges, which can lead to late diagnosis. This delay can cause a host of emotional struggles, such as anxiety and depression. However, recognising this unique combination can be a game-changer. It’s about understanding that intelligence can coexist with ADHD, and this blend can result in extraordinary problem-solving skills and creative thinking.

Navigating Self-Perception and Acceptance

Self-perception and acceptance are critical themes in our discussion. Many twice-exceptional individuals grapple with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, feeling like they don’t fit the mould of their gifted peers or those with ADHD. Tamara offers invaluable advice on embracing one’s identity and leveraging personal strengths. She emphasises the importance of self-compassion and the need to redefine success on one’s own terms. By doing so, individuals can better manage their unique challenges and thrive personally and professionally.

Overcoming Overwhelm and Burnout

Overwhelm and burnout are common hurdles for those with ADHD, especially when coupled with high intelligence. Tamara shares practical strategies for managing these issues. From breaking tasks into smaller, manageable steps to prioritising self-care, she provides actionable tips that can make a significant difference. Moreover, she highlights the importance of seeking support and creating a supportive environment, be it through coaching, therapy, or a robust support network.

Embracing the Positives of Being Twice Exceptional

Despite the challenges, being twice exceptional comes with a slew of strengths. Tamara talks about harnessing the power of curiosity, a trait often abundant in those with ADHD. This insatiable curiosity can lead to innovative thinking and a passion for lifelong learning. She encourages listeners to embrace their curiosity and use it as a driving force for personal and professional growth. By focusing on their strengths, twice-exceptional individuals can achieve remarkable feats.

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About Tamara Rosier

More about Tamara Rosier

Tamara's diverse professional journey encompasses roles as a college administrator, professor, leadership consultant, high school teacher, ADHD coach, and business owner. Through these varied experiences, she has gained invaluable insights into ADHD and its impact on individuals' lives. As the founder of the ADHD Center of West Michigan, Dr. Rosier guides a dedicated team of coaches, therapists, and speech pathologists in assisting individuals, parents, and families as they develop a deep understanding of themselves and acquire practical skills to navigate life with ADHD. Her books, "Your Brain's Not Broken" and "You, Me, and Our ADHD Family," offer practical strategies for addressing the potent emotional dimensions of living with ADHD.

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