Smart Creating with ADHD Part 1

By Ian Anderson Gray

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April 11, 2024

ADHD for Creators

This is a special bonus episode of the Smart ADHD Podcast, where I was the guest on Jeff Sieh’s Social Media News Live Show. We discussed ADHD for creators and shared insights and strategies from my personal experiences and discussions with experts on managing ADHD in the realm of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Episode Summary

  • [0:00] What this episode means for creative entrepreneurs and business owners navigating life with ADHD.
  • [2:19] Exploring how ADHD influences creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, with discussions on the prevalence of ADHD among entrepreneurs and the challenges it presents in professional settings.
  • [7:05] Debunking common stereotypes and misconceptions about ADHD, highlighting the difference between simply being easily distracted and having ADHD.
  • [19:05] Strategies for managing ADHD in the workplace, including dealing with challenges like emotional regulation, time management, and leveraging ADHD traits for innovation.
  • [29:35] Concluding thoughts and a teaser for future episodes, with an invitation for feedback and stories from listeners.

In this episode, we peel back the layers of ADHD, revealing its complexities and the silver linings that come with it for creative minds in the entrepreneurial world. Remember, understanding your ADHD is the first step toward harnessing its power for creativity and success in your business ventures. Stay tuned for more episodes, and let’s continue to learn, share, and grow together in our ADHD journey.

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[0:00] Ian: Hello, I'm Ian Anderson Gray, and this is the smart ADHD podcast.

[0:14] Now if you're a smart, creative entrepreneur or business owner navigating your life with ADHD, This is the podcast for you. Now, I'm no ADHD expert, but I'm eager to share my story on what I've learned by talking with experts, as well as digging into the personal ADHD stories of successful creatives and entrepreneurs.

[0:37] I was diagnosed at age 46, and it answered so many questions in my life. But of course, that was in many ways, only the start of my journey. So let's learn together. Smart stories, smart strategies, smart ADHD.

Ian Anderson Gray

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