Smart Tools for Smart ADHD

By Ian Anderson Gray

Smart ADHD Podcast

Episode 4

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April 18, 2024

Smart Tools

Have you wondered if there are any tools or gear that can help you be more focused, remember things more and help you grow?

In this episode, we delve into a variety of tools and apps designed to help those with ADHD enhance their focus, organization, and overall productivity. We explore everything from noise solutions to digital tools for creating a 'second brain', discussing how these resources can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and creativity.

In this episode

  • [0:00] Welcome to the Smart ADHD Podcast
  • [1:08] Exploring Smart Tools for ADHD Management
  • [2:08] Diving Into Focus Apps and Noise Solutions
  • [3:54] The Power of for Focus and Relaxation
  • [7:12] Exploring White, Pink, and Brown Noise for Concentration
  • [16:40] Creating a Second Brain with Notion
  • [22:43] Decluttering Your Brain with AI and ChatGPT
  • [29:01] Getting Stuff Done: Focusmate and Virtual Assistants
  • [0:00] Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

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[0:00] Ian: Hello, I'm Ian Anderson Gray, and this is the smart ADHD podcast.

[0:14] Now if you're a smart, creative entrepreneur or business owner navigating your life with ADHD, This is the podcast for you. Now, I'm no ADHD expert, but I'm eager to share my story on what I've learned by talking with experts, as well as digging into the personal ADHD stories of successful creatives and entrepreneurs.

[0:37] I was diagnosed at age 46, and it answered so many questions in my life. But of course, that was in many ways, only the start of my journey. So let's learn together. Smart stories, smart strategies, smart ADHD.

Ian Anderson Gray

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