The Six Bad tools of ADHD

By Ian Anderson Gray with Tamara Rosier

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March 19, 2024

6 Bad Tools of ADHD

If you're a Smart person with ADHD, how do you motivate yourself?

Do you use any (or all) of these Six Bad Tools to motivate yourself?

Dr. Tamara Rosier, author of the insightful book “Your Brain’s Not Broken,” highlights these bad tools and the impact they have on our lives. If you’re using any of these tools to push yourself forward, it’s time to pause and reflect.

While these tools can seem helpful on the surface, they often come with serious side effects that can hinder our well-being and productivity.

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About Tamara Rosier

Dr. Rosier's diverse professional journey encompasses roles as a college administrator, professor, leadership consultant, high school teacher, ADHD coach, and business owner. Through these varied experiences, she has gained invaluable insights into ADHD and its impact on individuals' lives. As the founder of the ADHD Center of West Michigan, Dr. Rosier guides a dedicated team of coaches, therapists, and speech pathologists in assisting individuals, parents, and families as they develop a deep understanding of themselves and acquire practical skills to navigate life with ADHD. Her books, "Your Brain's Not Broken" and "You, Me, and Our ADHD Family," offer practical strategies for addressing the potent emotional dimensions of living with ADHD.

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