Top Smart ADHD Traits Part 1

By Ian Anderson Gray

Smart ADHD Podcast

Episode 5

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May 2, 2024

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For many, understanding ADHD traits reduces feelings of guilt and self-blame?
Did you know that ADHD attention traits can be seen as a regulatory issue rather than a deficit?

Want to learn practical strategies that can help manage the intense distractibility associated with ADHD?

Today, we're exploring attention-related traits, how they manifest, and how understanding these can transform our guilt into empowerment.

What’s in This Episode?

In this episode, we dissect the multifaceted nature of attention in ADHD, debunking the myth of it being a mere ‘deficit’ and exploring it as a complex regulation challenge. Here are some of the key points we’ll cover:

  • Attention Dysregulation: It’s not about lacking attention but how we regulate it. Why can we hyperfocus on certain tasks yet barely keep our minds on others?
  • Distraction and Sensory Sensitivity: How does a heightened sensitivity to our environment lead to being easily distracted? We’ll look at how external stimuli like noise impact our focus.
  • Zoning Out and Brain Fog: Ever find yourself zoning out during conversations or grappling with brain fog? We’ll discuss why these happen and what it says about our working memory and mental load.
  • Time Blindness: This trait goes beyond mere punctuality challenges. How does a skewed perception of time affect our daily life and planning abilities?

In the podcast

[0:00] Welcome to the Smart ADHD Podcast!
[1:09] Exploring Top ADHD Traits: Part One
[2:16]Attention-Related Traits in ADHD
[9:13]Emotional and Psychological Traits of ADHD
[18:21]Looking Ahead: Behavioural and Sensory Traits
[19:15] Closing Thoughts and Future Episodes

Your Thoughts?

Your insights and experiences are invaluable. How do you relate to the traits discussed in this episode? Have you discovered coping mechanisms that work well for you? Share your stories and tips, as they could be a lifeline for someone else struggling with similar challenges.


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[0:00] Ian: Hello, I'm Ian Anderson Gray, and this is the smart ADHD podcast.

[0:14] Now if you're a smart, creative entrepreneur or business owner navigating your life with ADHD, This is the podcast for you. Now, I'm no ADHD expert, but I'm eager to share my story on what I've learned by talking with experts, as well as digging into the personal ADHD stories of successful creatives and entrepreneurs.

[0:37] I was diagnosed at age 46, and it answered so many questions in my life. But of course, that was in many ways, only the start of my journey. So let's learn together. Smart stories, smart strategies, smart ADHD.

Ian Anderson Gray

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