Unpacking ADHD: Tackling Stigma, labels & Stereotypes

By Ian Anderson Gray with Dr Tamara Rosier

Smart ADHD Podcast

Episode 3

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April 4, 2024


Are you a smart, creative entrepreneur or business owner navigating life with ADHD?

Do you hear myths and misconceptions to do with ADHD?

How do you respond?

In today's episode, we're joined by the incredible Dr. Tamara Rosier, as we tackle the pervasive stigmas, labels, and stereotypes that often shadow ADHD. If you've ever felt misunderstood or boxed in by misconceptions about ADHD, this episode is a beacon of understanding and hope.

Episode Summary

  • [0:00] Introduction to the Smart ADHD Podcast and what it stands for.
  • [1:04] Welcoming back Dr. Tamara Rosier to delve into the world of ADHD stigmas, labels, and stereotypes.
  • [2:10] Dr. Rosier’s background as an ADHD expert and author of “Your Brain’s Not Broken”.
  • [3:21] Discussing the emotional impact of ADHD myths and misconceptions.
  • [4:22] The issue of ADHD being seen as ‘just a label’.
  • [6:25] The struggle with time management and the concept of time in ADHD.
  • [8:38] The importance of accepting not everyone will understand ADHD.
  • [10:11] Debunking the myth that ‘everyone has a bit of ADHD’.
  • [13:00] How ADHD traits have always been part of humanity, just more pronounced in today’s world.
  • [17:09] The diverse career paths of people with ADHD and the strengths they bring.
  • [20:40] Addressing stereotypes and the reality of living with ADHD.
  • [25:52] The power of self-awareness and unmasking in safe environments.
  • [28:00] A message of hope and the journey toward self-acceptance.

In a world quick to label and slow to understand, episodes like this are a gentle reminder that ADHD does not define us—it merely adds to the complexity and richness of who we are. Remember, you’re not alone on this journey. Stay tuned for more episodes, and let’s continue to learn and grow together.

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About Dr Tamara Rosier

Dr. Rosier's diverse professional journey encompasses roles as a college administrator, professor, leadership consultant, high school teacher, ADHD coach, and business owner. Through these varied experiences, she has gained invaluable insights into ADHD and its impact on individuals' lives.

As the founder of the ADHD Center of West Michigan, Dr. Rosier guides a dedicated team of coaches, therapists, and speech pathologists in assisting individuals, parents, and families as they develop a deep understanding of themselves and acquire practical skills to navigate life with ADHD.

Her books, "Your Brain's Not Broken" and "You, Me, and Our ADHD Family," offer practical strategies for addressing the potent emotional dimensions of living with ADHD.


[0:00] Ian: Hello, I'm Ian Anderson Gray, and this is the smart ADHD podcast.

[0:14] Now if you're a smart, creative entrepreneur or business owner navigating your life with ADHD, This is the podcast for you. Now, I'm no ADHD expert, but I'm eager to share my story on what I've learned by talking with experts, as well as digging into the personal ADHD stories of successful creatives and entrepreneurs.

[0:37] I was diagnosed at age 46, and it answered so many questions in my life. But of course, that was in many ways, only the start of my journey. So let's learn together. Smart stories, smart strategies, smart ADHD.

Ian Anderson Gray

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